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Customers are the most important part of any business; they are the reason why market places exist in the first place. If customer needs are not put into consideration, there is a likelihood of business discontinuation. Several factors such as horrible customer relationship in most cases, and failure to identify customer needs can contribute to business failure.

Changes are always occurring in the external environment of the business; failing to take note of such changes and birth serious problems. What competitors are doing better, changes in technology, best practices, changes in your customers‘ buying patterns and many more require constant monitoring if you intend to get your customers coming back to you.

Why Keep A Customer?

Business survival and continuity depend on the ability to keep and satisfy customers. There are so many customer-based theories and the most popular is “Customers are always right”. They determine the business environment with their insatiable taste for satisfaction.

Satisfying your customers means that you 100% sure to get them coming back every now and then.

Here are some tips to keep your customers:

1. Say things they like to hear

From a buyer’s viewpoint, if your business mannerism does not appeal to them, then they don’t come back again. Hence treating customers the right way is integral to earning their loyalty. You could consider encouraging them to patronize you more by using carefully curled persuasive words like instantly, get this free, no extra charges, etc. Such words when fulfilled will ensure that your customers always patronize you more than any other.

As a seller, you must learn to reduce frictions and pain points. In some cases, you might be dealing with conservative spenders; using reassuring words such as changing “$20 fee” to “just $20 fee” or “a small fee of $20” could help open their pockets.  

2. Adaptability to change

It is not the strongest of the species that survive or the most intelligent, It is the most responsive to change – Charles Darwin (1809-1882). As suppliers, flexibility towards customers’ demand is important. As the day goes by, customers taste bud increase and they feel the need for an add-on to the products and services being provided. Taking cognizance of such changes will definitely help keep your customers with you.

3. Attention, Incentives and Reciprocity

Customers need some sense of belonging, and you must respect that. Customers need to feel like they are open and free to interact with you – the business owner. Gaining a customer is one thing, keeping them is another. There is a need for you to be socially inclined by paying attention to what customers want as they interact from time to time.

On the other hand, reciprocity and incentives drive businesses around the world. As a business owner, you must learn to go over and above for your customers in other to reap repeated business transactions. One of the approaches you can adopt is giving back to your esteemed customers.

This can seem expensive but it necessarily doesn’t have to be. The smallest of gestures, even a 20 cents cashback can help build reciprocity with your customers. You could also adopt out of the blue surprises (cash backs, cuts on referrals, customer recognition awards, bonus products, free consultations, promotions, etc.) –   this stamps a strong impression.

4. Conduct Customer Satisfaction Oriented Surveys

To be able to satisfy customers’ need, we assess them. But the question is ‘on which basis is the assessment inclined’? A survey can be a means of assessment to identify what they need to be satisfied. Survey solves numerous ‘what’ questions such as; what do they want, what improvement is needed on an existing product, what more can we do to convince them that we are the best, etc.

Through this, the customer will be in our grasp because they are made to believe we consider them first and trust their feelings. Post customer survey, assess the results and work on the recommendations.

5 Must Do Things To Grow And Promote Your Small Business

Promoting a business idea and the business itself may not be as exciting but it is a must do activity if such businesses intend to grow and survive. As a small business owner looking to grow bigger in the next few years, it is important that you set aside some time towards enhancing and promoting your business. You must also ensure that your plans are consciously executed.  

Below are some key things a small business owner must do to ensure that their business remains relevant and continue to provide its economic gains:

1. Be strategic

In this stage, long term goals of a business are set. Provision is made for business blueprints, its mission and vision statement are set and ways of achieving them are being put into effect.

One of the questions to ask is: What service do I need to add for my business to break the market?

Identify the key facts that your small business needs to remain relevant in the ever harsh business world. Assume what your local competitors are thinking, and identify what you can achieve in relation to your business. Think Big!

2. Knowing your market

This is part of the strategies needed to break the market. Through a market survey and customer relation, one can get what the market is in dire need of. Relevance depends on how well you can provide services that are tailored to the current need of the consumers.

Knowing what your prospective customer’s desire will put in pole position to satisfy them better than your competitors. Consequently, your business gets more rep and experiences rapid growth.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction comes to people in many different forms. It might be that attitude of yours towards the presentation of your goods and services that intrigued the customer to be more concerned or interested in you or, it could be the utility derived from your products.

If your business will ever get past the tag “small,” you must learn that customers are perceived as kings, and they should be treated like one.

4. Consistency

Consistency runs deep throughout all business practices and can help small scale businesses make a real impact in the business sphere. You can have the best, most perfect strategy in the world, but if you don’t execute it consistently, it won’t do you any good.

It must not be a seldom act rather, a continuous one. Imagine starting a business you are unable to continue, this can be damaging to your market as it can cause you to lose customers and credibility of your service.

5. Social Media Marketing

Thanks to technological advancements most especially, the internet; a market does not necessarily have to be a location anymore rather, it is now referred to as a point of contact between a buyer and the seller. The internet creates opportunities and one of it is harnessing social media marketing as a means of promoting your small businesses in a rather cheap manner.

Every add-on or benefits that will interest the customer can be made known through the existence of the internet. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms can provide the magic your business requires for a quick turnaround. You can post promotional videos, flyers or even skits detailing your business offerings.